Art & Design - GCSE

From Year 10 onwards, we embark on the process of our GCSE in Art and Design.

The subject is split in to two Components:


Component 1

In year 10, students will start component 1 by completing a mini internally set assignment where workshops will take place equipping them with a variety of techniques and media so that they may be selective and appropriate in their chosen materials.

They will then commence their main assignment, which again will be internally set and comprise a major practical portfolio and outcome. This will contain subject matter developed from personal and/or given starting points. 

Work will be selected, evaluated and presented for assessment by the student before being internally assessed and externally moderated and the student will be required to provide evidence of how they have met each of the assessment objectives.

This component will take place over the whole of year 10 and half of year 11. 


Component 2 - Externally Set Assignment


The Externally Set Assignment consists of two parts:


Part 1: Preparatory study period

 The externally set materials will be released by the exam board at the beginning of the Spring Term in their final year and will consist of assignments based on themes, visual stimuli and written briefs.

The student will choose one assignment as a starting point from which to elicit a personal, creative response taking care to ensure that they include an informed body of research including artistic influence, first hand visual stimuli, experimentation, recording of thoughts, ideas and evaluations all of which will demonstrate the student’s ideas in the 10 hours sustained focus period.


Part 2 is a 10 hour period of sustained focus work

This is the culmination of the student’s ideas from the preparatory work and must be completed during the designated 10 hours of sustained focus work assigned by the School. This period is completed under supervised conditions over a minimum of 2 days. 

It is set by the Exam Board, assessed by the teacher and externally moderated.


All aspects of the GCSE will be assessed using the Assessment Objectives below in order to gauge an accurate and well rounded evaluation of the student’s artistic process and delivery.