Juniors - Welcome

Choosing the right school for your child is without doubt one of the most important decisions you as a parent will ever have to make. A school must be alive and a happy atmosphere is all important.

Here at St Annes College Junior School with very small classes and a well-experienced and enthusiastic staff we help to foster understanding relationships, mutual trust and respect.

It is difficult to form a proper idea of a school from a prospectus or website and only having seen it in operation are you able to decide if it is the right one for your son or daughter.

At St Annes College Junior School we are quietly working hard to build on our good reputation, and prospective parents are encouraged to visit the school during school hours (or outside school hours if more convenient) to see for themselves. Please contact us to arrange a visit. 


"It is indeed a small, friendly school" (2012)

"Parents praise the difference the school has made to their children's happiness and well-being" (2012)

"Pupils get on well together. Morale is high. (2016)"

"Pupils are friendly to visitors and very polite" (2016)