School History

St Annes College was founded around 1882 in Middlewich, Cheshire, by two sisters: Miss Frances and Miss Lilly Oldfield. Under their guidance the school prospered and in 1889 they moved, with 12 boarders, to St. Annes-on-Sea. They opened their college at Claremont, a building which now forms part of the Town Hall in St. Annes Road West.

1902 - Moved to its Current Premises

The college continued to flourish and after about 12 years they decided to commission Mr C.A. Hindle, an architect in Manchester, to design the present building. By 1902 it was completed and was described as 'handsome' and in 'a commanding position'. It was said, '...the Collegiate Tudor style combined admirably with the domestic character, the whole in keeping with the purpose for which it was intended'. The outside is of red Accrington brick and Doulton terra cotta mouldings with the upper storey of white rough cast. On the inside there is a staircase at each side. The building work was carried out by Messrs Shepherd and Sons, builders of St Annes.

Until the 1950s the school also occupied a building called Northwick on the other side of Clifton Drive, on a site now occupied by two bungalows. For much of the twentieth century the school was run as a girls' boarding school until it was taken over by the present Principals in 1987, whereupon it became a co-educational school.