For activities outside the classroom the College is divided into three Houses. 

The Indoor House Competition during the winter months includes such activities as Music, Chess, Drama, General Knowledge Contests and Public Speaking. 


A separate house competition covers the outdoor activities of Games, Swimming, Cross Country, Tennis and Athletics. 


Lunchtime and after-school activities include Table Tennis, Electronics, Computer Societies; and from time to time, courses such as Personal Safety (basic self-defence), Salsa Dancing and Taekwondo.

There is an active Mini Enterprise Group run entirely by the pupils and which is designed to give those concerned experience in marketing, accounting, advertising and all other aspects of business management.

activities_2.jpgMost years, usually in late July, the College organises a Summer Camp at an excellent venue beside the River Thames. 

A large number of supervised activities take place and Summer Camp has become very popular with pupils of all ages. Some take the opportunity to become very proficient on the water and many gain certificates in canoeing and sailing. 

The College has its own gig Thesaurus in which pupils are taught the skills of team rowing and racing. In alternate years, our younger pupils also have the opportunity to visit France for a short holiday (organised by the College) or to take part in an organised outdoor pursuits course. 

Once again, the quality of the venues always adds greatly to everyone's enjoyment.

The College's Sailing Club operates on one of the Lancashire reservoirs and is particularly active during the warmer six months of the year! At some time during the winter months a skiing holiday is organised, usually at one of the Alpine resorts.