z_Ages 4-11 Juniors

Junior School

The St Annes College Junior School provides a friendly learning environment. Class sizes are a maximum of sixteen which ensures your child receives individual attention.

Pupils are principally taught by their form teachers, who are specially trained for this age range. The syllabus, which mainly follows the National Curriculum, is made as flexible as possible to cater for all levels of academic ability and individual progress. Careful records of each pupil's progress are constantly maintained.

The emphasis throughout the School is on co-operation, co-ordination, and continuity, so that pupils may progress from one stage of their education to the next without anxiety. Learning should be a pleasurable experience for all concerned. The Junior School staff liaise continuously with the staff of the Grammar School to ensure a smooth transition at the age of 11+. Continuity of teaching is important and following our Entrance Examination most pupils pass into the Grammar School. 


"Small classes ensure that individual attention can be given to pupils." (2012)

"Pupils say that they like being in a small class because of the quiet atmosphere and the help that teachers can give them." (2012)

"The provision for safeguarding pupils' welfare, health and safety is good." (2012)

"The staff care well for the pupils, who are known and valued as individuals." (2012)

"Behaviour in the school is good. Pupils know about the school's high expectations and generally meet them very well." (2016)