uniform-pocket.jpgThe College uniform, which all pupils below sixth form level must wear, may be obtained from the College, at any time throughout the year. Arrangements are made for new pupils to purchase all badged and other major items (blazer, tie, sportswear etc.) prior to commencing. Many other items (shirts, blouses, etc.) may be obtained from any of the usual school-wear retailers. 

A list of College clothing is automatically sent to the parents of each pupil when the offer of a place is accepted. The co-operation of all parents is expected in the maintenance of a high standard of uniform.

Sixth form students may wear a grey business suit, together with a shirt and tie, or an appropriate blouse and are expected to dress appropriately at all times. Casual wear (jeans etc.) is not acceptable.

"The school stresses courtesy and good manners" (2012)

"The positive attitudes and aspirations which pupils are helped to develop are demonstrated by the pride which pupils of all ages have in the school, for example, in the way they wear their school uniform." (2016)